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"You've reached Hercules Hansen. I'm not available at the moment, but if you leave a message I'll get back to you. Probably. If you're calling on PPDC business it had better be really important. Tone's coming up, you know how this goes."


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Office Hours, Saturday All Day
I knew how to smile once
Herc had no surviving family members with whom he was on speaking terms, so he wasn't really expecting any visitors this weekend. He'd just set up camp in his office, Max snoozing away in his bed in the corner, ready to meet any parents or other relatives who might want to stop by and address any questions or concerns they might have. He was fully prepared for, 'How is someone with one good arm supposed to teach my kid to defend him or herself?' to feature.


Office Hours, Thursday
Herc had an office now! Of course, Herc had had an office before coming to the island, it was just...Stacker's office, and he couldn't quite shake the feeling that at any moment Stacker was going to walk in and tell him to get out of his chair. This office was blissfully free of emotional associations. So far, his main association with this office was the cake someone had left in his chair, which he'd luckily found before he sat down. It had been delicious, even if he'd let Max eat approximately half of it.

He was expecting at least one visitor today, but while he waited for her he would be trying to figure out exactly how to structure this class and write up a syllabus--on the computer, because typing one-handed was less awkward than trying to write things out with his off hand.

He'd already set up a dog bed for Max in one corner, where the bulldog could be found alternately chewing on a toy and napping.

((Open office is open!))


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